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Awards, certificates


Sertifikat-international-artist trindic articel on his winning paintingint artistsumsko jutro trindic

Winner's certificate by prestigious international journal '' International Artist '' for the painting " Morning in the Forest "



Certificate for the 3rd prize at an exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade in 2003. for the painting '' Winter in Tamnava "


 sertifikat-Art-kontest  sremski-salas

Certificate of Turkish art Facebook group International Art Contest for winning 8th prize in the competition by the votes of the jury for the painting "The farm of the Srem ",  60x80 oil on canvas.
This group is organized by a permanent painting competition on the Internet and uploading images to Facebook groups.


Artscanyon-galery       Manastir

Artscanyon Art Galery, Los Angeles California on Art Show 2013.  organized a competition and voting. In the category  ''artists voting''  painting "Manastir" oil on canvas won the 1st prize.



On the competition Artscanyon Arts Galery Los Angeles, California U.S. in the category 'artists voting' painting "House by the River", oil on canvas won 4th prize by finalist's votes .

Diploma-Bergamo      M230970

5. prize (17 participants) , 10 Edizione   TROFEO G.B.MORONI  2013  Bergamo, Italia 2014. for painting ''Cveće'' (flowers) 50x50 cm , oil on sanvas.