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Dragoljub Trindić Painter

Winner of prestigious international awards of

International artist magazine in the category of landscape

for painting '' Morning in a Forest ''

The award-winning painting "Morning in a Forest"

In the global art contest titled " International Artist magazine Challenge # 76 Landscape Competition "

in the category of landscape, painting  " Morning in a Forest ", oil on canvas, won the very tough competition!

Morning in a Forest


a morning in a forest trindic dragoljubAs a boy, I grew up in a village; my home was next to the forest. During my childhood I spent a lot of time in the woods of my village. One autumn morning, I went to my favourite forest next to my home. When I stepped into the forest the sight of the morning forest ambiance seemed unreal, magical. The light pierced through the wood in a strong beam making the woods magnificently bold, treetops were plunged into darkness, in the distance the trees gradually disappeared. The light spread out on the ground, shaded and colored the field. The overgrowth made the ambiance seemed so magical, because, for a moment, the light was illuminated, and the next one, it plunged into darkness, like a fairy game. The shades of the autumn colours were scattered across the field, harmonious and calmingly bold which gave a tone to that beautiful scene. The view that I saw stayed in my mind because it was inspirational.

I decided to transfer that inspiration onto the canvas. The special highlight on the scene is the light which in a strong beam pierced and illuminated the trees, while gradually getting lost and disappearing. The foreground of the painting is dark with the gradual piercing of light, with mildly illuminated overgrowth. The background contains a strong light in which the treetops are lost. With such scenic dramaturgy on the painting, the strategy was that the audience can feel the view which inspired me. Also I plan to use coloring of warm and cold shades to make a special shade that will fulfill the ensemble of coloring, the light and the design of the whole piece.

My work process began as a sketch, where the design of the painting and the inspiration for this work which I could analyze and make corrections so I can achieve everything I imagined. After a successful sketch I performed technical preparations on the canvas. After a set drawing and analysis I began applying the color, by combining the thick paste and thin layers of a brush and spatula. So I adjusted the texture of the piece to the imaginary scene. I have put into conflict the coloring of the cold and warm, dark and bright. So I achieved the dynamics and dramaturgy of the scene. In the final work, I used fine tones to achieve poetic and magical scenery. My art comes from the depths of my soul, from the seen, the experienced and the imaginary, throughout the work this feeling is felt through the coloring and my moves and makes the composition fulfilled. The inspiration gives the ease of expression and the poetic of this piece. The paintings painted by the soul are the best at finding their way to the audience.









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